New York State Traffic Violations with the Highest Fines

Written By: Benjamin Goldman, Esq.

There are hundreds of different possible Vehicle & Traffic Law violations. The typical traffic ticket will carry a maximum fine of $150 plus a state mandatory $93 surcharge. The fines for speeding tickets are generally higher and can go up to $600 plus a state mandatory $93 surcharge. The violations with the highest possible fines are VTL 385-8, 385-9, and 385-10. These statutes relate to the weight maximum of trucks.

The fine depends on the percentage of excess weight. For trucks that have an excess weight of 2% of less, the fine is $150 plus surcharge. The fine increases as the percentage of excess weight increases. For trucks that are 40% over their permissible weight, the fine comes in at a whopping $3750.00 + $93 surcharge for a total of $3843.00. Overweight violations do not carry any points. The idea behind such high fines is to take away the incentive of purposefully overloading trucks. The benefits of bringing a bigger load may outweigh the cost of a fine of a few hundred dollars. By making the fines very high, the risk of overloading the truck becomes untenable.

If you or your employee received an overweight ticket, there are various methods of avoiding its fines. The Benjamin Goldman Law Office has handled a lot of these types of infractions. We have been able to get the violations modified or dismissed, thereby saving our clients thousands of dollars. In New York State, your attorney can go to court instead of you for a traffic ticket. This means you can fight your charges without having to come back to the justice court where your ticket is being adjudicated. The Benjamin Goldman Law Office provides motorists and their employers a free consultation for any traffic ticket. You can contact us at your convenience.