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Chatham Village, New York

Chatham is a small village in Columbia County, New York. It is part of New York’s Hudson Valley region. The village is split between two towns. The northern half is within the Town of Chatham and the southern half is within the Town of Ghent., the village population was approximately 1,740. Chatham covers one and a quarter square miles. The village was incorporated in 1869 under the name “Groats Corners”. Chatham holds several festivals and activities during the summertime that attract visitors from all over the region. Their most popular activity is the annual Civil War reenactment.

Traffic Tickets in Chatham Village

The village roads are monitored by their local police force. Officers of the Chatham Police Department conduct patrols regularly. They focus their efforts primarily on the busier roads. Additionally, they patrol the surrounding perimeter and are known to set up speed traps along the village boundary. One such speed trap is near the north village entrance on New York State Route 295 (Spring Street). Here the speed limit drops from 40 to 30 miles per hour. The drop is not that significant; however, motorists tend to drive much faster on long, straight roads. Motorists traveling above the 40 mile per hour speed limit will likely find it difficult to adjust their speed on short notice.

On February 8th, 2021, Chatham disbanded their village court. Legal matters in the village are now split between the towns it resides in. Traffic tickets issued in the northern half of the village are adjudicated by the Chatham Town Court. Tickets issued in the southern half are adjudicated by the Ghent Town Court. Common charges issued in Chatham include speeding and driving with a suspended license.

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A Note on the Chatham Village Justice Court

Please note that the village court was disbanded in February of 2021. Tickets issued inside Chatham are now adjudicated by one of the two towns the village resides in. If you have received a ticket in Chatham, take note of which court you must answer to. For more information on the courts, visit our dedicated pages below.

Chatham Town Court
Ghent Town Court

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