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Cazenovia, New York

Cazenovia, New York

Cazenovia is the name of a town and village in Madison County, New York. The village is within the town and is the main population area of the town. Other residential areas are the hamlets of Delphi Falls, New Woodstock, and Rippleton. As of October of 2022, the total population was 6,582. Cazenovia is roughly twenty miles southeast of Syracuse.

Traffic Tickets in Cazenovia, New York

Several large roads run through Cazenovia. One of them is US Route 20 (US-20). It crosses Cazenovia heading east and west. It is also the village’s main road. US-20 intersects New York State Route 13 (Gorge Road) in the village. NYS-13 is the town’s other main road. It heads north and south. Some other busy roads in Cazenovia include County Route 17(East Lake Road), County Route 48 (Juddville Road), County Route 50 (Number Nine Road) and New York State Route 92 (Syracuse Road).

There are two courts in Cazenovia. They share the same physical location and court staff. One court is dedicated to the town and the other one is dedicated to the village. The Cazenovia Town Court has legal jurisdiction over the roads in town that are outside the village boundaries. The Village Court is the opposite, only dealing with matters that occur on the village roads. All tickets made answerable to the town court are given out by the New York State Police or the Madison County Sheriff’s Department. Tickets made answerable to the Village Court can also be written and issued by the Cazenovia Village Police Department.

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Information on the Cazenovia Justice Court

Address: 7 Albany Street, Cazenovia, New York 13035
Location: Google Maps
Phone: (315) 655-4011
Fax: (315) 655-4260
More Information: Court Webpage

Town & Village Justices:
Hon. D. Christian Fischer
Hon. Fred Palmer III

Court Clerks:
Kerry Bishal
Shea Palmer

Prosecutor: William G. Gabor, Esq.