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Tioga County, New York

Tioga County, New York

Tioga County is a county in the Southern Tier region of New York State. The southern boundary of the county is the New York – Pennsylvania state line. To the east is Broome County and the Binghamton metropolitan area. To the north is Tompkins County and the Finger Lakes region. To the west is Chemung County. Tioga County was established in 1791. Its name is derived from the Native American word for “at the forks”, which describes a meeting place. The county covers five hundred and twenty-three square miles. It is a mix of forests and farms. Tioga is a rural county and has only nine towns and no cities., the county population was around 47,000.

Traffic Tickets in Tioga County

NYS-17 (Southern Tier Expressway) passes through the southern part of Tioga County. It is also known as Interstate 86. The part of the highway that goes through Tioga (and some other counties) needs to be upgraded and until then it is technically the NYS-17. This highway runs east-west across the southern part of the state. Its eastern terminus is in the Hudson Valley and its western terminus is in Erie, Pennsylvania, just across the New York State line.

The NYS-17 is two lanes in each direction with a default speed limit of 65 miles per hour. It is patrolled by Troop C of the New York State Police. They conduct traffic stops for various traffic infractions, most of which are speeding violations. As it passes through the county, the NYS-17 falls under the jurisdiction of its various towns. The exact spot of the alleged violation determines which town court has jurisdiction over the charges.

Though most traffic related charges originate from the NYS-17, a fair share are issued on local county streets. NYS-17C is a state route that runs parallel with the Expressway on the other side of the Susquehanna River. NYS-38 runs north-south on the eastern side of the county and NYS-96 does the same in the middle of the county. Off the highway, traffic stops can also be conducted by sheriff deputies, and town police if applicable.

For any traffic related charges, it is prudent that you contact an attorney before you take action. Not handling your ticket properly may result in high fines, suspension, and increased insurance rates. Pleading guilty because the charges are true is not the prudent or ethical thing to do. A Not Guilty plea does not mean that you are saying the allegations are not true. Rather it means you are saying you want the state to prove its charges. Most often instead of proving its charges the state will be willing to negotiate to get the charges reduced or even dismissed. This result can make the difference between keeping your license and losing your license. It can also make the difference between giving your car insurance company your hard-earned money and keeping it for yourself and your family.

This can all be done without having to submit anything to the court or even appearing in court. A traffic lawyer can do all this for you, and you don’t leave your house. You can contact the Benjamin Goldman Law Office for more information. We offer free consultations to motorists and their family members.

Benjamin Goldman Law Office

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is a New York State traffic ticket defense firm. Our firm opened up in 2011 with the purpose of helping motorists with their traffic tickets. Since then, we have obtained dramatic reductions and dismissals for many of our clients. Our firm has a lot of experience in Tioga County. We help New Yorkers, out-of-state motorists, and of course CDL drivers.

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