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Cortland County, New York

Cortland County, New York

Cortland County is a county in New York State., its population was approximately 47,639. It is part of the Central New York region of the state. It has one small city (also named Cortland) and fifteen towns. The City of Binghamton is around 50 miles south in neighboring Broome County and the City of Syracuse is around 30 miles in neighboring Onondaga County.

Traffic Tickets in Cortland County

The majority of traffic tickets in Cortland County originate on Interstate 81. I-81 is a one hundredand eighty-three-mile highway that runs north-south from the New York – Canada border to the New York – Pennsylvania border. It runs right through the center of Cortland County. For the most part it is two lanes in each direction with a 65 mph speed limit. The interstate is patrolled by Troop C of the New York State Police. They conduct frequent traffic stops, mostly for speeding.

US Route 11 (US-11) is another large highway that runs parallel to I-81. Some other roads worth mentioning are New York State Route 13, New York State Route 41, New York State Route 90 and New York State Route 392. On these roads traffic stops can also be conducted by the Cortland County Sheriff's Department. If there is a town police, they can issue traffic tickets as well.

The location of the alleged violation will determine where the case is heard. The name of the court is listed on the ticket. If you received a traffic ticket in Cortland County, but are not from the area, it does not mean you should just plead guilty. Contrary to popular belief, you can get your ticket reduced or dismissed without having to appear in court. You do not even require a defense. Contact the Benjamin Goldman Law Office for more information. Our law firm provides free consultations to all.

Benjamin Goldman Law Office

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is a New York State law firm that helps motorists with traffic tickets. We have been in practice since 2011. We have helped many clients get their Cortland County tickets dismissed or reduced substantially. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of traffic law. We utilize all techniques and procedures to the benefit of our clients. This is why there are so many positive reviews of our legal work.

List of Justice Courts in Cortland County, New York

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